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About American Virtual

Going For Great

American Virtual is an IFVARB-approved VA that strives to maintain a healthy balance between professionalism, realism, and a welcoming environment. We were founded by @Chris_Hoover in the summer of 2017 and received IFVARB approval a few months later. Since then, we’ve expanded and grown AAVA to an astounding 220 pilots, a database composed of 2800+ routes, and over 65 aircraft to choose from. In addition to our wide array of routes/aircraft, we offer an experience that is unmatched by any other VA. Our unique award system, competitions, special event attendance multipliers, Concierge Key (CK), and much much more, makes American Virtual stand out above the rest. Furthermore, our Slack is laden with IFATC, IFAE, and real-world pilots, providing an optimal learning experience. We inculcate integrity, discipline, and knowledge into our pilots, as we honor our slogan- Going For Great. Fly with us today!

Our Goals

At American Virtual, our mission is simple- To provide an unforgettable and enjoyable virtual airline experience. We achieve this through operating a vast fleet of aircraft and routes, hosting frequent and fun internal events with our pilots, forming strong partnerships with other virtual airlines, and cultivating a welcoming and supportive community in Slack.