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Our Operations

American Virtual operates a mainline fleet of 13 individual aircraft, all of which carry an American Airlines or American Eagle livery. Our pilots get to choose from 10 different hubs, ranging from the high rises in New York to the busyness of Los Angeles, our hubs provide infinite possibilities for exploring! A hub may be changed once every two weeks, allowing and cultivating different experiences. American Virtual is also partnered with 9 Infinite Flight Virtual Airlines, which expand our fleet by 48 liveries, on a variety of aircraft types. We also offer a variety of special programs, such as our Maintenance and Charter program, AAVAdvantage, Admiral, and Oneworld Awards programs, Routes of the Week in slack, and several more!

Our Ranks

American Virtual offers 7 ranks for our pilots to unlock as they progress in their AAVA career. At each rank, new mainline and codeshare aircraft are unlocked. We view each rank as an opportunity to explore new routes and develop flying skills in new aircraft. Pilots start as New Hires and work their way up to the Senior Commander rank, gaining experience and having fun as they go! Our ranks are listed below.

New Hire
0-15 Hours
First Officer
15-50 Hours
Second Officer
50-100 Hours
100-140 Hours
Senior Captain
140-200 Hours
200-300 Hours
Senior Commander
300+ Hours